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Oh yes, I went there and it was SPAC-tastic.

Real Talk

The Special Purpose Acquisition Corp is a great investment vehicle, provided you understand the basics and nuances of how they work. The number one key feature of the SPAC is risk management. Sure as an investment vehicle, SPACs are hot right now, everyone wants their SPAC 2x or 4x for them in a few months; however, the potential moonshot is not what makes them so great. The real takeaway is the limited downside. To capitalize on this you need to learn what to do and what not to do when investing…

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What is the process for goal setting and how do I maintain the will power to achieve that goal? Maybe Pablo Picasso said it best…

Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.

— Pablo Picasso

Disclaimer: I wrote this article in 2013 after finishing my career as a D1 Track and Field athlete at UCSB. That year we won the first Men’s Team Championship in school history, I jumped a personal best and placed 2nd…

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“The greater the tension, the greater is the potential.”

— Carl Jung

When I first began to write this article it took on the voice that tension is ultimately a negative thing. Digging into the topic deeper unveiled a much more fundamental role in the natural world for tension.

Tension allows humans to move and stand upright. It allows us to convert built-up energy into a form of action. It plays a role in mechanics and invention. It can exist between two people as a form of competition, pushing each other to achieve greater things.

In these places, tension is…

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There is something about speed that makes it an object of desire… somehow when you are on a highway going somewhere, getting there faster is the goal, and achieving that goal makes you feel “better” than everyone else on the same highway.

I love speed and constantly strive to run the fastest in the room… but some problems are best solved by just cutting the track in half. If you can afford the extra work, doing multiple things at the same time can take you to the next level.

What is acceptable?

I remember this one time I was reading a really unmemorable…

A piece of marketing material with company logo modified to include a sun and a moon. The 2020 sun up to sun down hack-a-thon
A piece of marketing material with company logo modified to include a sun and a moon. The 2020 sun up to sun down hack-a-thon
Marketing media created to promote the event

The Experience

It’s 2:00am in the morning. A handful of people sit amongst a pile of chips and salsa, Chinese food cartons, 85% dark chocolate bars, and bottled cold brew, banging away on their laptops and laughing while music blasts in the background.

I am there… potentially delirious but I am with my team so there is no going back.

We are due to present our features at 10:00am tomorrow along with two other teams. The theme was catering, and as a business building technology for the food production industry, we wanted to roll into trade show season (go away coronavirus) with…

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The FirstIt sat, fat all around
carbon copies, living
Perfect, plump, pristine,
stuffed a synthetic
Us da organic poo.
Utopian fields
brew blue, selfish blueness
in a borrowed blandness.
A robot ignorance; walk the grid, fill the pales…
Endless pales, endlessly
pale, bleak, predicaments.
Big, fat filled pockets strip choice; become the blueberry.
Yet spatial sight, craves it
that uniformity.
Snuff out, cure, disorder.
It sat, twins all around,
The brothers and sisters
petty deceit.
What remains after death.
Fat, white, gelatinous
ripped innards spread, Earthless.
Pasty tasting, then gone-
impulse, is a handful
but insatiably still…

Jenkins executes jobs? …So people tell me. Apparently it does other things too? Jenkins can deploy, run tests, build containers, Jenkins can do everything.


Now that I’ve got the big picture I can get my feet wet by… setting up automated scaling of Jenkins slave containers on Kubernetes…

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Yep kid… I was just as surprised.

This was the task our mob was recently given in an effort to move away from CircleCI for our continuous integration needs.

I have to say it is definitely more of the full plunge approach than the getting the feet wet approach. To be…

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I wrote this article over a year ago and as I revisit it, I find a lot of this advice holds true. It’s not enough to become proficient in writing software. You have to create opportunities to showcase your skills. The two work together, synergistically.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

— Wayne Gretzky

And yes you… YOU could be really good at making those shots. If you don’t take them, you’ll never find out.

December 18, 2018

I have been asked a lot recently about finding work as a fresh bootcamp grad and the process around it. I am…

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I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will. — Charlotte Bronte from Jane Eyre

With this free will, imagine choosing to be a bird who defines its own cage.

I believe this statement to be a matter of perspective… I will always be in some form of cage, small or large, apartment room or Milky Way galaxy. But, for a moment, imagine living life in such a way, waking up to a warm cup of coffee, and thinking… Where will the boundaries of my life extend to today?


Michael LaRocca

Mike writes about code, cloud things, and many other interests. Software Engineer @ Maystreet.

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